Second Life Best Practices in Education - 2007 International Conference

Second Life Best Practices in Education - 2007 International Conference

The presentation schedule for May 25, 2007 (in SLT / PST)

6:00 PM SLT / 9:00 PM EST
Wainbrave Bernal (SL)/ Jonathan Richter (RL)
Moderator: Aidenn Brooks (SL)
Creating a community of practice and searchable database of learning objects in Second Life: The SaLamander Project

A recently funded grant by The NorthWest Computing Council has added to the capacity being built by CATE at the University of Oregon's effort to enhance higher education faculty to learn and teach in Multi-User Virtual Environments, such as Second Life. The SaLamander Project will enlist educators from all stripes in Second Life to nominate the many tools, builds, and locales in SL that are useful for teaching and learning to be described by content experts and placed in a searchable format both on the web and within Second Life.

No conference is complete without technical failure. The SaLamander Project began with a well-spoken, although odd-looking, SL "Wainbrave Bernal" and a missing Powerpoint presentation. It really didn't matter whether or not he had slides, though.

He began by correlating the relationship between the existing community and how the SaLamander Project will follow along the same process and adaptation for gathering the necessary SL objects. The goal was also discussed, to create a Community of Practice (COP) centered around the creation, sharing, and reuse of these objects.

"What works? Who has it? What are other uses for it?" These were the key questions that SL Wainbrave Bernal approached. Getting involved with the SaLamander Project would make you privy to many new and emerging objects for (and uses of) SL in general. With the added features of being able to store and tag all of the peer-reviewed items, it would make SL suddenly a usable place without having to sludge through all the normal decisions that one faces now when building an online course.

Want to get involved?

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