"Give Education a Second Life"

"Give Education a Second Life" is the title that heads Pepperdine University's Online Masters of Educational Technology graduate students' site at http://secondlife4education.org/.

A good synopsis of what it's about can be found at the NMC Campus Observer, and by showing up in-world at NMC Campus on Teaching 2 (135,124,22) at either July 8 at 5pm SLT/PDT or July 9 at 8pm SLT/PDT, you could also be eligible to win an iPod! That's not too bad for showing up, communicating your thoughts and perspectives, and sharing a little bit about what you learn and know about learning and knowing things.

I'll be there as myself, AmsDiane Gustafson, just to check it out and to bring back a full report on how things went down.