The Blogger's Cafe in SL

Ryan's blog post titled, "Is it Time to Add SL to Your Personal Learning Landscape?" brought many key issues about technology & education to light. We still have some of the most engaging conversations and discussions in face-to-face situation having to do with the interactions of learning that occur within the attributes of technology in use. As Ryan points out, it was in face-to-face life that the "spark" happened, but why couldn't it happen again elsewhere? For example, in Second Life, perhaps?

And why not? If the space in SL is set up to be conducive and open to the ongoing discussion of these topics by an equally enthused group, it should work the same in-world as it would in real space. Especially now with voice-chat/talk enabled, it would be like sitting in a cafe in-between sessions of an NECC conference or any other engaging event.

If you are interested, I invite you to The Bloggers’ Café. I like it there. The conversations aren't all about SL. In fact, SL or SLeducation is not even uttered on occasion. How's that when SL dominates all things in-world? Ryan described why and how the cafe came to be this way:

Second Life had become a place focused solely on itself and missing the power that it holds to connect educators from around the world as a means to engage in the type of dialogue that was occurring at NECC but in a 24/7, 365 days a year virtual environment. It is because of this, and the like minded thinking of Jen Wagner, that I committed my land to The Bloggers’ Café to help others utilize a virtual environment to “continue the conversation” about education and educational technology. While there will inevitably be discussions about SL as it is a part of education and educational technology, the focus of The Bloggers Café in SL is to discuss everything and anything that those gathering wish to discuss.
I have to admit that I really like what they've done to the place. I really like what the purpose of the place is. It is for anyone interested in education, teaching, and learning--plain and simple.

Plus, I stopped by the bar, took in some of the blog posts, and ordered myself a drink. I have to say, the Gin & Tonic looks mighty fine in my hand while I'm there.