TLT Group: Education and Second Life (Day 3)


Steve Gilbert, Ilene Frank, Drew Smith, Joe Floyd
Date: July 19, 2007
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 Eastern Time
Place: Adobe Connect Classroom


A lot of real-life issues tie directly in with what's going on in SL. It appears to me that the rate of things changing in the technology-social domain is akin to Moore's Law of technology hardware. It's getting to the stage that every 18 months, the need and use of social connectedness (or "social presence" or what I think of as "social proprioception." Yes, for real.

What did I get out of this session? A lot of tidbits, some ideas for actually getting a place and then what to do with it. For example, I'm going to actually get a spot in NMC now. A virtual office or room or something. I figure it'll give me a way and place to do my workshops for FDI in a reasonable fashion. Since we're an NMC site in RL, I figure this only makes sense. Time to talk to le bosses ...

I also typed down some notes like crazy. This is the gibberish of my processing:

  1. Teaching in progress? See, Intelligirl and her Freshman comp. writing class.
  2. ADA compliance?
    A girl on the Teen grid is developing a browser for SL (uses AJAX tools) to use a browser to enter SL. You cannot see or move your avatar, but you can interact (chat, IM). Still in development.
  3. Intellectual Property? Who owns what? It's still in debate all over including "old skool" things like the Web (Oh, geez). Check out LawSpot on InfoIsland I, Bell Library, 5th Floor, too.
  4. Support Service? Where does the support for SL come from? Who provides the support and to what extent? Currently there's a huge push to have faculty, students, and staff to create these things [in SL], but who owns what? Who owns it? Maintains it? How is it managed? This is a bit of a new situation b/c the global sharing and exchange of information is changing and shifting ... causing a problem to figure out fair use vs. Intellectual Property. Think about who controls or maintains the general information as it stands now (e.g., WWW, etc.) Does the higher admin. have the authority to control the subsites? To what extent? Is this the same case with SL? Compare that to the control exerted in the classroom? See the dilemma?
  5. Help?
    Check out the SLed Archives. Contact Joe Floyd for additional help. See the TLT Group Wiki page for this session and more information about actually getting started: