Are You a Righty- or a Lefty-Brain Thinker?

I don't know if this is true or not, but it's a fun little thing to try out. Here is a little test to see if you are a right-brain or left-brain thinker. Here is what you do.

  1. What is your immediate reaction to whether the person is moving counter-clockwise or clockwise in the picture?

  2. Optical Illusion to test right and left-brain dominance.

  3. If your first reaction was counter-clockwise, you are a left-brain thinker. If your first reaction was clockwise, you are a right-brain thinker.

FYI: I’m a right-brain thinker, apparently. That actually surprised me, but then I thought about how I approach a lot of problems and it suddenly seemed very plausible.

I went ahead and stared at it for another 30 seconds--BINGO!--I got it moving in the other direction. It really reminded me of those autostereograms that were so popular back in the 90's; you really have to relax your mind and visual to allow for that switch to take place.

Many thanks to Ryan Bretag for the link to this little mind bender.