Amber D. Evans' CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Amber D. Evans' Curriculum VitaeMy Curriculum Vitae (or CV).

How does one keep track of all that they do?

I use a smattering of methods, but they're all digital and they're all online. Mostly, I use Google Applications such as Google Calendar and Google Documents to keep track of when and descriptions of what, respectively. This process turns out to be quite easy as I schedule items on a daily basis and then document these activities on a weekly basis. It not only saves me a lot of time in the end whenever I need to update my CV or provide my dept. with an annual progress report, but it also gives me a chance to reflect upon what I have been up to (and to see what trends or areas are of interest to me).

In research, I've found that it is too easy to get into the details of a particular (proverbial) tree and I soon lose sight of the (proverbial) forest. With my brain so actively engaged in my studies and research, I sincerely cannot remember what I had for breakfast just an hour ago. If left to my recollection--oh, dear! Imagine trying to remember whatever it was that I did two, six, or nine months ago! Using daily appointments (in the Calendar) to track activities, meetings, people, or events, these can then be translated into detailed notes and descriptions during my 30-minute weekly session. I'm not left struggling to figure out what I did or who I met with, nor am I stuck trying to figure out how I got to where I am now.

The best part is that it is all fresh in my mind, making it easy to write short (reflective and descriptive) summaries. Eventually, these may or may not go into my final CV, but if nothing else it is recorded as a transaction of what I'm doing with my time ... what I'm doing with my life ... and gives me a chance to actively reflect upon whether or not it's going where I'd like for it to go.