Bonkian youTubian Researchian Update

Curt J. Bonk is a Professor of the Indiana University System in Bloomington, IN 47401

For those of you who might be interested, he has some (very) preliminary research going on with the use of how and why YouTube is used as it is. The following is his latest update sent to me via the Facebook group: Bonkian YouTubiam Researchian:

Curt Bonk sent a message to the members of Bonkian YouTubian Researchian.

Subject: Some tentative YouTube Survey results and need just a few more respondents to get to our goal

Hello members of this YouTubian research group. Thanks for helping with the big survey! We are at 861 respondents now and hoping to get to 1,000. 139 more to go. We have given away three 80 gig video iPods on January 1st. We will give away another iPod and an iPhone on February 28th or when we get to 1,000 respondents; whichever come sooner. If you have yet to complete the YouTube research survey, please do. And feel free to share with others through email or posts in your Facebook account or to your Facebook friends. Here is the link:

Some quick overview results from a reivew of a few of the surveys (these are highly incomplete--more comprehensive results to come in a month or so. The statements below are based on a quick scan of 5-6 of the surveys of the 60 different YouTube videos we are evaluating. Caution on debating, generalizing, or sharing. Wait for that.):
1. So far...Most people prefer short 1-4 minute YouTube videos. Some though like them to be under 1 minute and still others 4-7 minutes long.
2. It seems that most watch YouTube videos for comedy (i.e., fun) or information. Humor is highly important.
3. Motivation to watch YouTube videos comes from capitvating or engaging content, informational and educational content, and interesting topics.
4. Most think that YouTube videos are somewhat important in education and training today but will be highly important in a few years.
5. Most had not posted a comment after viewing a YouTube video.
6. About 1 in 5 (of a small sample) had created a YouTube video.
7. Why would someone create a YouTube video? Some of the top answers have included to experiment with technology, participating in the education of the people of this planet, interested in the potentiial of online video, contributing to the global world, personal or professional research, and sharing knowledge and ideas.
8. It appears that most people do NOT subscribe to YouTube channels.
9. Most people watch YouTube videos between 6 and 12 pm at night.
10. Based on this quick scan of a few results, it seems that most people watch fewer than 1 YouTube video per week.
11. Most had shared a YouTube video link with others.
12. Based on this quick scan, it seems it is rare for someone to flag a YouTube video as inappropriate.

I will stop there but I wanted to share so as to give you feedback for taking the survey. Again thanks for that. This is highly tenative. Remember to send people to this link to participate:

Once again, thanks so much! I hope to have a more complete picture of the results soon. The above numbers are just based on a review of a few of the survey results (remember that there are 60 different YouTube videos we are sending people to and and associated these points are just general statements from reviewing just a couple of them. Please do not quote or use or share too widely. Caution on use! Wait for an update. Thanks so much.)