FixMyMovie - Upload, Fix, and Share Your Movies Instantly

Fix Your Grainy, Dark, Low Resolution Videos for Free--High-Tech Video Enhancement Service for Cameraphones, Digital Cameras, and Webcams

If cell phone videos suck because they are dark and grainy, FixMyMovie aims to solve that problem; however, FixMyMovie cannot solve poor directorship--that's still your problem.

In truth, this site and service completely blows me away. It's one of many "new" applications coming out that allow a person to do instant video editing from the comfort of a cell phone, laptop, or any place s/he has a live internet connection (i.e., "internet anywhere = anytime, anywhere applications").

Another software-and-website combination (that I've mentioned before) is They offer which is a similar approach and service focusing on Adobe Photoshop-like image and photo editing. Check these both out. I doubt you'll be disappointed.