Real-Life Grad Classes in Second Life

This came across the radar in SL. This would be of great interest if you are interested in using SL for teaching or learning purposes.

The Dept. of Educational Technology at BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY will offer a 15 week, 3 credit, graduate course on "Social Network Learning in Virtual Worlds " starting August 25, 2008.



EDTECH 597: Social Network Learning in Virtual Worlds

3 credits

Course fees: $1,044 regardless of location
Instructor: Ann Jeffery (MissAnnie Ducatillon) & Salli DiBartolo (Sunshine Sparrow)
Internet course, requires weekly attendance at live synchronous session on PDT 1-3

Register at or contact Jerry Foster at, 208-426-1966 to assist you with registration.

Description: Social Networking is a growing field of expertise, and has much to offer virtual world teachers wishing to explore new ways of communicating and collaborating both in-world and out-of-world. This graduate level course will explore collaborative and emergent pedagogies related to the use of social networks in virtual world teaching. Participants will gain hands-on experience with a variety social networking tools, create a community-based resource, and have an opportunity to become part of the emerging network of virtual world educators.

System requirements:

It is recommended that participants have at least 10-20 hours of prior participation in Second Life before the course begins.

Prerequisite skills include:
* Use of camera controls
* Ability to fly, walk, and teleport
* Knowledge of communication tools (IM and chat)
* Basic building skills (create prims, add textures and content)
* Basic inventory management (can find items, wear clothing, make a notecard)

For more information, contact Ann Jeffery at