TagCrowd, OpenCast, Sakai & more ...

Seen during Kate Ellis' presentation at the Sakai Regional Meeting (Conference) #VTSakai08, she used and mentioned a couple of really cool things. Here's just a few of these:

  1. The TagCrowd tagline is, "Create your own tag cloud from any text to visualize word frequency." Very cool! TagCrowd: http://tagcrowd.com/
  2. OpenCast: The Opencast community is a collaboration of higher education institutions working together to explore, define, and document podcasting? best practices and technologies. Through blogs and email lists, the community offers guidance and information to help others choose the best approach for delivering rich media online. OpenCast: http://www.opencastproject.org/
  3. TweetScan: Download your own personal Twitter archive! You can download a portable web page and CSV file with your message archive including replies. Our database goes back to December 2007 and is the most comprehensive available. This can be free or whatever price you set. Use your message download to: Archive past exchanges, Publish links and quotes, Follow up on past projects, Access offline, View and reconnect with contacts. TweetScan: https://www.tweetscan.com/data.php
  1. IU has a Sakai Mod called, "Enter Student View". Very useful and wanted!