Google Summer of Code

Here's another great way to encourage or support Sakai OpenSource development, too!

Google's Summer of Code:

Bottom line:  Student earns $5000 (and a tee-shirt!) for a successful summer project contributing to one of many open source activities. Read the FAQ at .

Student application deadline is 8 April.

From the FAQ, Google Summer of Code has several goals:
  1. Create and release open source code for the benefit of all
  2. Inspire young developers to begin participating in open source development
  3. Help open source projects identify and bring in new developers and committers
  4. Provide students the opportunity to do work related to their academic pursuits during the summer (think "flip bits, not burgers")
  5. Give students more exposure to real-world software development scenarios (e.g., distributed development, software licensing questions, mailing-list etiquette)
  6. If you are a student with a "geekier" nature, please consider applying.
  7. If you are a professor and have a student who shows talent for making the stuff behind the stuff work, please encourage that student to consider applying.