Why it's Important to Students: Google And IBM Both Launch Free Office Products

Techdirt: Microsoft's Tough Night: Google And IBM Both Launch Free Office Products

This isn't new news, but it's news worth noting. I've always been a fan of free Office Suites, but only recently have those become something I actually use.

I find it intriguing at how many of my colleagues and instructors are slow to adopt this technology. As a busy student doing lots of group work, I love the collaboration options that Google docs lets me have. I use it for nearly everything: keeping track of roommate finances, writing group research papers, creating "quick-and-dirty" slideshows (aka, powerpoints) on the fly, and most importantly: I use it to take and keep notes during class that I share with a select group of classmates. That part is the best because if they or I miss something during the lecture, it's bound to show up in there because someone else caught it and typed it down. It really makes the learning less stressful.