BoF Help Files & Documentation

12 members in attendence. (Rita Povolka (Indiana University) is also a contact who could not be at the conference.)

IU repository including data about docs resides on a server @ IU. The Sakai KB has been exported & formatted as static Help pages as we know it. IU have a DB of their own. Context sensitive help menus can be developed.

The docs come as a weird combo of needs. We really need two types of docs: "how do I?" & "why do I?" Rutgers includes a "what's this" link for select new features.

There exists a need to have a template that is wiki-like that we can create a tool description that still allows for user & community contribution. Warnings, pedagogy, user feedback, analytics, collection & reporting (JIRA?) should be included. Consider the variety of medium. A review and update system to existing content.

Look into the End-User Confluence page & the BoF, too, for more information.

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Amber D. Evans


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