Strategy to Support Users: Custom Docs & Help

Mathieu Plourde
Univ of Del. Running Sakai & WebCT.

Users call center. Ticket created in Remedy & sent to LMS team. Frequent requests sent to Tech Writer to create/update documentation.

Types of Content

  • Help files
  • Support Videos
  • Pedagogy
Help files on another server so only it needs to be reset & not the whole Sakai instance. (Aside: Brilliant!) Areas for full docs, a tech writer on staff, and plethora of videos. Pedagogy area included, too. FAQ also created (VT has the KB at

Karen Campbell (Rutgers)
50,000 users. Very small staff. Users & docs are as self-reliant as possible. Although not pedagogy focused, they are in need of some teaching or tool use for teaching.

FAQ provides basic help. Tool groupings help them decide which communication tools to use. Within Help, there are giant buttons they cannot miss; there is a tools overview page. Additional instructional tips are provided alongside.

Updates are done throughout the year w/all fixes often, but an overhaul happens w/each upgrade. Docs Coordinator (her) proofs docs & manages check in/out. Long-term goals include more videos, examples, & pedagogical content. Example sites is a challenge but desired. It would be nice to have ways to track use and helpfulness (analytics); it really is necessary, but currently missing.

Finding the student resources for employment isn't too hard b/c every student can have a site of their own and they have same or similar knowledge of creation tasks.

Indiana University
Portal page of OnCourse shows a Getting Started, Training for Faculty & Students, Enhancement Process ... And Help.

The Help tool is a little different than normal Sakai help. The pages are in XML and can be collated in any order or collection, but for consistency it appears as any other static page. 500 pages are OnCourse related in the repository & undergoes updates easily & effectively.

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Amber D. Evans