Motivating Non-Sci. Students Using Sakai-based Strategies.

Lafuze & Newbrough
The science of the brain and addiction can be very difficult to understand due to the complex concepts & language. Her goal was to share the science concepts of brains & addictions, but in a way that would be non-threatening. This course has been taught online for the lst 10 years averaging between 30-50 students per course.

Placement of the mainly used tools is placed within the site info area. (This is similar to VT practice where we encourage faculty to use that space to provide a "roadmap" to students, letting them know what tools & when they wil be used.) She provides a link from that main page to a recorded message directed at the students, introducing them to the content, context, and the important people of the course.

She has "the Holodeck" which is the Forums tool, but creatively designed in a way to allow students to interact with historical people (e.g., Marie Curie). (Aside: Man, this instructor completely rocks! She has a Star Trek "What is the Holodeck" video, complete w/short clips from the classic 60's series & everything!) Within the Forums, she invites her students to engage with each other & discussions within based on topics. Guests also partake bringing knowledge of chemistry & chemistry & biology

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